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  Contracting Services
  Dream Home Co. for General Construction & Interior Design is a General Contractor in the Kingdom of                                         Saudi Arabia, in which it is a leader in providing cost effective and professional construction solutions.
Dream Home has a long history serving its clientele in the Kingdom.
Our General Contracting
department has developed and realized many of the country’s leading projects.
The company employs teams of experts in masonry, carpentry, plumbing, painting
electrical/power transmission installation, and other construction‐related activities.
General Contracting













  New Build
  Working with a selected team of specialist design consultants, our teams have the expertise and experience to provide a turn‐key service for all types and size of new build construction projects. Our Engineers manage projects from day
one, and oversee the complete process, ensuring we exceed the expectation upon delivery.
  Abdullatif Alissa Automotive Co. (Isuzu)
Dream Home is a constant contractor for Alissa, and has always been a trusted















The company delivered
projects worth 33,000,000
SAR to date; and still has
projects at hand.




Refurbishment and repair works are the type of projects with high interest to Dream Home; it allows us to show off our expertise in redesigning and repurposing your houses into improved and exciting new living quarters.
Our attention to detail and quality is paramount, and the talents of our skilled radesman is of primary importance. All that has elevated Dream Home to become the expert in the luxury and mansion block residential markets.




Arnous Palace






















Landscaping Services
At Dream Home, we are committed to creating
beautiful spaces that last. Landscaping is
simply an art, where everyday life is the gallery.
A well designed landscape will enhance the
overall value, look and aesthetics of any









Landscaping, Designing and Building, is a process that requires a landscape partner to develop a deep understanding of you specific goals and budget requirements. Having a detailed plan of action enables us to make any adjustments during construction and ensure that the final product is the exact “portrait” that you envisioned from the very start.
We specialize in all aspects of landscaping:

• Public and Civic Landscaping
• Custom Residential & Commercial Landscapes
• Real Estate Developments
• Hotels & Resorts
• Estate Homes
• Private Residences
• Multifamily Projects
• Commercial Office Buildings

We manage the complete project from concept to construction.
















We will customize your landscape to fit with the natural environment around
you. Using our years of experience, we work with both you and your budget to
make your landscape ideas come to life. Our designs are built to suit all your










Our team has designed and installed some of the most distinctive and creative landscapes in the Kingdom. We offer a proven track record of bringing innovation and creativity to the design function and installation practices.

















We specialize in all aspects of landscape construction encompassing demolition, earthworks, plumbing and electrical services, our team will help you design the Driveways, Pavers, Pool Decks, Patios, Swimming pools,
Fountains, Stone benches, Arbors, Gates, Outdoor Lighting and Stone Walkways, and enhance any area, making it the best place to be. Unique creativity and imagination is what we put into each rock wall, water feature, and path that we construct. Our designs are built to suit all surroundings. Let us make your outdoor
experience a relaxing retreat from the busy day to day life.

















Once the hardscaping is ready, our team will design your Softscaping, which brings harmony to your Landscape and complete it. With each Grass, Tree, Shrub, Flower, Garden and Soil, your Landscape will get closer to the getaway you always wanted.
























A properly designed irrigation system is vital to the liveliness and survivability of any landscape project. Technological advancements have made irrigation systems cost‐efficient, time‐efficient and an excellent investment in your overall landscape master plan. The water experts at Dream Home will make sure your system delivers the right amount of water at the right time with minimum effort and no waste. Our Team of experts will design and install efficient sprinkler systems, dripper
systems, and solve all types of drainage problems. Dream Home will:
• Design and Install of a customized Irrigation System
• Install Rain Sensors
• Install the Pump & Controller

Design and Install of the Drainage System
Interior Design
Dream Home interior designers work in
a variety of styles and a range of
aesthetics, all while offering
functionality, style and value with
refined finishing touches.
The team strives to make every project
a rewarding experience for our clients,
designing sophisticated interiors that
utilize the senses and go beyond just
furnishing an apartment or office;
creating spectacular design solutions
that encapsulate our clients’ needs.
Be it residential or commercial, our
team will provide you with:
• 3D Design Concepts (images)
• Construction Material Specifications
• Furnishings Selections
• Design Consultation
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