Dream Home Principles


  Integrity, Honesty & Trust

In the construction industry, a solid reputation is a
company existence pillar. We keep our promises
and our commitments. We work hard to maintain
high ethical standards and to do what’s “right”. We
are honest, consistent, fair in all aspects of our
behavior, and we communicate openly and directly.



We demand excellence, deliver on our promises
and continuously search for new and improved
ways to provide the best solutions for our
customers. We strive to exceed our customers’
expectations and dedicate our time and efforts to
delivering a quality service, and to finding
solutions for our clients that best achieve their













We are committed not only to the quality of the
projects we complete, but to the safe working
environment of these projects. Our employees are
our most important assets, Zero Injuries is not just a
plan, procedure, or goal; it is a Dream Home Co.
core value.

Our most important asset is people and we
foster teamwork at all levels. We seek to
attract and develop leading talents, and
create an environment where individual
growth is the foundation of our company





We consider that learning and development is
a continuous process. Consequently, we adapt
a state of the art technology and practices to
enhance the efficiency of our operations.










We value our people and our relationships and enjoy seeing the success of each other, whether we are helping an employee to reach their full career potential or helping a client by delivering a successful project.










Mutual respect is essential. We respect
individuals and their opinions and we exhibit the
knowledge, skills and attributes to gain respect
from others. Our team works hard to earn our
business partners' trust and respect on every
project at hand. We place a high value on
relationships, as these relationships have built
our success. Our repeat clients are the hardest
proof that we have developed long lasting
relationships, built on mutual respect.






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